Dance Classes

2021/2022 Season

Join us for our inaugural season - "A Million Dreams!"
Recital: May 21, 2022, Dress Rehearsal: May 20, 2022

We offer dance, yoga, and movement classes for students of all ages.

Most of our children's dance classes participate in our annual Recital, though Recital participation is optional.

This year we will dance the theme of "A Million Dreams!"

We hope you'll join us on this incredible journey!

Visit our Fees & Policies page for information on out multi-class and sibling discounts, attendance and class make up policies, and payment schedules!

We have several classes appropriate for dancers ages 18 months - 3 years, dancing with and without a grownup.

These classes are without a grownup. Check "Family Dance & Movement" for classes with a grownup!


Our Preschool Classes are appropriate for 3 year olds ready to take on a slightly longer, more focused class through 5 year olds who have not yet entered Kindergarten.

The Ballet & Tap Combo will split time between the two styles, teaching the basics and engaging the dancers in creativity and fun. Tumble teaches strength and flexibility to prepare for big jumps and upside down movements!


We love our K-2 dancers!

The Ballet & Tap Combo will split time between the two styles, building on the basics and still enjoying a few dance games!


Musical Theater teaches big expression and acting skills matched to dance movements.

Jazz utilizes ballet technique, but styles it towards faster, sharper movements.

Hip Hop teaches confidence, groundedness, and rhythm skills.


These are our upper elementary schoolers!

Ballet and Tap split up at this age and dancers have the option of taking Ballet twice a week.

Lyrical dance is introduced at this age, focusing on softer, more emotional dancing. 


Jazz and Hip Hop remain staples for furthering our dynamic dance education.


Shout out to our Middle School dancers!

The lyrical curriculum for middle school begins to blend into contemporary dancing, utilizing concepts from commercial dance and modern dance.

Middle Schoolers also have the opportunity to dig a little deeper in ballet. One of the weekly classes will learn a Recital dance and the other will focus on technical training. Dancers who are interested in eventually dancing "en pointe" should take both and enroll in Pre-Pointe (with teacher permission). 

If you feel your middle schooler might be ready for pointe, please reach out via email!


We love the leadership our High School dancers provide for younger students!

High School dance offers many of the same styles as the younger groups, adding in opportunities for learning modern dance and dancing "en pointe."

Modern Dance covers a wide range of dance techniques ranging from Graham and Cunningham, through Safety Release Technique. This class will try many styles. Class is taken in bare feet and works in turn out and parallel! It's a great style for utilizing our individual creativity.

Pointe is available for students taking both ballet classes with teacher permission. Please feel free to reach out via email to discuss the best pointe options for your dancer!