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Image by David Clode

Why Butterflies?

The Monarch Butterfly is a powerful force.

The butterfly symbolizes many things to societies around the world. Rebirth, Transformation, Hope, Endurance - we love them all!


When the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, its wings appear crinkled and wet. The transformed creature must expand and move its wings to distribute nutrients throughout the wings. If it does not move its body it will not be able to fly and will die.


As moving humans we deeply identify with this powerful need. We communicate and coexist with our world via dance and movement. Stagnation, in its many forms, will simply not work. 


As leaders in movement for children and families, we know you trust us to be part of your child's journey toward young adulthood. Forward motion, progression toward goals, and a firm idea of where we've come from are foundational to working with young people.


We also know that our adult movers are constantly transforming and transitioning in ways we may not see. The Monarch's incredible migration journey inspires us to make moves, however tiny, toward our purpose every day.

We look forward to sharing movement with you and your family!


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