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Covid & Illness Policies at Monarch

Masking at Monarch

Masking is currently optional for healthy dancers and families in Monarch Movement Company children's dance classes.

*Please continue reading to learn exceptions.

Please view the description of each adult class when registering, as masking requirements vary.

Please wait for your dancer outside the studio at our picnic table or in your car during class.

Non-dancing space in the studio is quite limited and this is an important way we can reduce crowds and contact.

Monarch Illness Policies...

Students and families should mask at Monarch if they are exhibiting signs of any respiratory illness in order to slow or stop the spread of common colds and flus. Dancers can expect that teachers and staff will do the same.


A dancer who arrives with a cough, excessive mucous, or other signs of a respiratory virus will be asked to wear a mask or to stay home. If a student is unable to properly wear their mask or is visibly too ill to remain in a physical education setting, the contacts listed in Jackrabbit will be called to come pick them up.

If a student has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or any other contagious illnesses or is exhibiting signs of such illnesses, they should not attend class. A student with a stomach bug or unexplained rash should not come to dance class. Monarch is happy to arrange make-up classes.

If a household member has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or any other contagious illnesses or is exhibiting signs of such illness, the student and family members entering Monarch should wear a mask.

If a student or family member has been asked to isolate or quarantine from school or work, please do not attend dance class during that time period. Monarch is happy to arrange make-up classes. We want to help these difficult situations feel a little less stressful for our families.

Frequently contacted surfaces such as doorknobs, ballet barres, or props will be sanitized frequently.

Windows and doors may be propped open to allow for maximum fresh air flow when the weather is conducive.

Choosing when to stay home or mask at dance:

1. Staff and students who have symptoms of any illness, regardless of vaccination status should – get tested for Covid, Flu, Strep, or any contagious illness that seems pertinent and isolate from others while waiting for a result. If testing is not possible, follow the guidance below as if the person is positive.

2. Isolation:

  • Staff and students who test positive for Covid, regardless of vaccination status, and

    • Do not have symptoms – should isolate from others for 5 days, then wear a mask for 5 additional days.

    • Have symptoms – should isolate from others until fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medication) and symptoms are improving. Individuals should isolate for at least 5 days since symptoms began and then wear a mask for 5 additional days. 

  • Staff and students who test positive for other contagious illnesses should not come to Monarch until medical advice suggests it is safe for others.

  • Staff and students who are clearly ill but have not tested positive for a contagious illness should not return to Monarch until all symptoms have cleared and they have been free of fever, vomit, and diarrhea for an entire 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication.

3. Staff and students who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses may attend class if they are completely symptom-free, but should wear a mask and wash hands frequently.

*Please note that masking is optional except in the cases listed above.

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