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Fees & Policies

At Monarch Movement Company we strive to be as clear in our communications as possible! If any of our fees or policies feel lost in translation, please reach out with any questions!

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Tuition, Class Fees, & Discounts

Children's Dance Classes

Most of our children's dance classes operate on a school year style schedule and have the option to participate in our annual Recital! This is what we mean we say "Full Season Classes." Full Season Classes will begin September 20th and run through the last week of May, 2022.

We offer Multi-Class and Sibling Discounts!

The more classes a dancer takes, the greater the discount! The base tuition fee for each class is listed next to the class info on the registration page.

Multi-Class Discount for Full Season Classes

  • 10% off monthly tuition when enrolled in two Full Season Classes

  • 15% off monthly tuition when enrolled in three Full Season Classes

  • 20% off monthly tuition when enrolled in four Full Season Classes

  • 25% off monthly tuition when enrolled in five Full Season Classes

  • 30% off monthly tuition when enrolled in six or more Full Season Classes

Sibling Discount

When two or more kids in a household are enrolled in Full Season Dance Classes they each receive an additional 10% off monthly tuition!

Additional Fees & Costs

Registration Fee

  • A registration fee of $25 per dancer will be applied at the time of enrollment in Full Season Classes. 

Dance Wear and Shoes

Costume Fee

  • Each Full Season Class participating in Recital will require a Recital Costume to be ordered. Each costume is $75, including a pair of tights. This fee is due November 15th. Participation in Recital is optional, but it will be assumed each dancer will perform unless the studio is notified otherwise prior to ordering costumes.

Recital Fee

  • Each dancer participating in Recital will be charged a Recital Fee of $40 in February. This fee includes a dress rehearsal and performance, a Recital program with photos and a participation medal!

Adult Classes, Family Dance & Yoga, and Kids' Yoga


These classes operate on a shorter term schedule that we call "Sessions." For example, the 2021 Fall Session is currently open for enrollment! Session Classes do not participate in Recital.

These classes are mostly available with 3 Ways to Pay - Single Class Drop-Ins, a Prepaid Class Package with a reduced price per class, or as part of our Monthly Membership! Our Adult Classes, Family Classes, and Kids' Yoga do not qualify for multi-class or sibling discounts. These classes have already been priced to be discounted with enrollment vs. single class pricing!

A few of these classes, such as "Dancing Together" for adults and little ones, are available for enrollment in the whole session only. This is because we want to build on material each week and create a social environment for the children and adults.

Class schedule is announced in seasonal sessions, but a class may be canceled without enough regular attendance.

 Register for class by searching for "Events" in the customer portal or visiting our Adult Classes, Family Classes, or Kids' Yoga and Wellness pages.

Payment Policies & Due Dates

Children's Full Season Dance Classes

  • Any and all tuition and fees paid are non-refundable.

  • Families must keep an active and valid credit card on file.

  • Monthly Tuition will be charged to the card on file on the 1st of each month, October - May. Families are welcome to pay in an alternative method if preferred, but payment must be made at least 2 days prior to payment due.

  • A $25 Registration Fee per dancer and the first month's tuition will be charged upon first registering for 2021-2022 classes (September is a half month! If registering after the start of the season, the appropriate month's tuition will be charged.) Tuition will be prorated if registering after the start of a month!

  • Please see our Studio Handbook for details and specific procedures.

Session Classes, Adult Classes, Special Events, Kids' Yoga and Wellness

  • Any and all tuition and fees paid are non-refundable.

  • These classes do not incur a registration fee.

  • Fees for these classes will be charged at the time of registration. The total amount for enrollment in a Session is charged at this time or once a minimum enrollment is met.

  • Please see our Studio Handbook for details and specific procedures.

Dress Code & Class Etiquette

Following Dress Code is essential to dance class!

  • Wearing proper dance clothing allows for safe, efficient movement! Excessive fabric, loose hair, or jewelry can be dangerous.

  • Fitted, stretchy clothing like leotards and tights allow the teacher to see the dancer's alignment and positioning and to give feedback and corrections towards safe, technically sound movement that will prepare them for more complex dance movements when they're older.

  • Just like a uniform in sports, wearing proper dress code in dance helps instill discipline, team identity, and sets a tone that now it is time for dance class.

A common understanding of class etiquette creates the best possible learning environment for all the members of our studio community. 

We like this list of etiquette guidelines put together by The Radio City Rockettes!

Most importantly for dance and yoga...

  • Arrive on time and stay for the entire class. If you must arrive late, enter quietly and wait for the teacher to signal that you may enter the space.

  • No gum, food, or drinks besides water in the movement studios. 

  • Leave phones off and away!

  • Never sit down in dance class unless given specific directions to do so!

  • No side conversations during class.

  • Do your best and try new things!

Attendance & Class Make Ups

There is no specific attendance policy for classes at Monarch Movement Company. However, tuition is still charged when a student misses class. Make Up Classes may be arranged in any age appropriate class and can be arranged within your Customer Portal!

In the case that Monarch Movement Company must cancel classes, every effort will be made to schedule make up classes but it may not be possible to meet every person's scheduling needs.

Inclement Weather Policy & Procedure

If classes must be canceled or postponed due to inclement weather, you will find this information on the studio's outgoing voicemail message, Monarch social media, and the website home page. Additionally, classes specifically affected will receive an email about schedule changes.

Movers attending drop-in classes - please remember that if you aren't registered for classes we cannot contact you directly! Please check the above places for class schedule updates!

Weather decisions will be made based on conditions at the studio and closely surrounding areas. Please always make attendance decisions based on what is best and safest for your family and your travel route to the studio. We are happy to discuss an opportunity to make up any missed classes.