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Our family has been a part of the Monarch family since it was in its fledgling stages. It has been our great joy to literally help build the studio and to watch it grow over the past three years. Above all, Monarch lives its values, welcoming everyone into the community and helping them grow as dancers and as people. My daughter graduated from Monarch this year but still considers it her home; the relationships she formed with the teachers and dancers will carry forward even when she is not there every week. She is a stronger, more confident young woman because of the mentoring and love she received as a Monarch.

I also have found a home back at the ballet barre after decades away; the adult class made dancing again enjoyable and helped me to focus on what my body can do versus what it can't. For anyone looking for a place to move your body in a community, you need look no farther.  

Heather, Monarch Parent and Adult Dancer


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